Clemence Hill Farm Pork
Southbridge Ma | | 508-765-4808

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Clemence Hill Farm Pork

Farmed By Ryan, Ben, and Jeremy Peters

fresh, natural pork bursting with flavor

Clemence Hill Farm is a small local farm located in Southbridge MA. We raise our pigs with care, and feed them a balanced diet composed of a variety of nutritious food to bring you fresh, natural pork bursting with flavor. We offer a variety of fresh and smoked cuts, and we take pride in our products, always striving to provide you with the best pork possible.

Clemence Hill Farm Pork is farmed by Ryan, Ben, and Jeremy Peters. We are three young farmers, with a love for pork that inspired us to raise our own delicious pork. We come from a long family history of farming, and are actively continuing the tradition. Check out the rest of our site to read about how we started raising pigs, our family history of farming, to see our full product list and order form, and for directions to the farm. Contact us to place an order, or if you have any Questions!